15 Best Free Movie Apps to Watch Movies Online

Best Free Movie Apps

Are you searching for Best free movies apps? Here we have shared the list of movies apps which allows streaming on Android & iOS.

In the new era of digital media industry, entertainment has become quite easier to feed ourselves. The online marketing, online sites, social media all are given a rising welcome by the new generation. Every little urge from mobile recharge to shopping, having restaurant food to watching recent released movies are no more an outdoor burden. The internet service has led the corporate industries to proceed further digitally, as it reaches out to a zillion people world wide for the greater customer base.

Difference between Streaming and Downloading

The most common path taken by industries to play a good deal with a million’s attention is by providing good quality movies videos to our service. And that’s too with affordable accessing on our devices. While streaming is generally referred to the process where you are able to watch movies or listen songs by playing the video or audio already saved on another sites. Your device not necessarily need to copy or save the item to be played for a watch or hear. However as it is very true, that streaming can avoid blocking storage on your device, it has certain cons, those need serious consideration.

  • When you tap or click on the video, it starts playing but we often find the ‘buffer’ sign comes on the screen and runs for a longer time, which definitely interrupts and reduce the comfort of eyes.
  • To ease up the ‘buffer’ sign, you need to have a faster connection, so that there aren’t much pauses in middle of the video playback.
  • A streamer media in various movie streaming apps always shows up files from another source. For that you need to be connected with the site.
  • You can not save streaming file on your device as per your wish. The streaming media is either free or you need a monthly subscription on a charged basis.

Another way we can operate the video player on our device is by downloading it. When we download one media file from a  website, the file gets saved and serves chances to play it later as per our preferred time and wish.

  • You can download files with movie download app by connecting to the source of it and therefore copying and saving it to your hard drive.
  • Generally, a sufficient amount of time requires if your internet connection lacks faster speed.
  • Except the copyright-protected file, you can move the file to another device and play for a watch.
  • A downloaded file is ready to play anytime anywhere, be it your comfortable room corner or a rural region where internet connection doesn’t co-operate.
  • Always a downloaded media requires sufficient space in the device storage.

The knowledge on streaming and downloading process can help you further in choosing the best media player and best free movie apps for your leisure entertainment.

The Best Free Movie Apps for Android and iOS

Here are some sorted list for the best free movie apps for your Android or iOS devices.


As far the quality, the most popular and most preferred best free movie download app for android is ShowBox. The app offers you with so much of its newly invented features that you can easily navigate through and that’s too paying nothing. It has enormous collection of movies, music and TV shows which get updated on a regular basis as per recent needs. The basic advantages you can enjoy thoroughly with this app are –

  • You do not need to have any login account to connect with it.
  • It is one of the free of cost legal streaming apps in market.
  • It provides the neat content without any annoying Ads.
  • HD quality and other great resolution viewing are supported.
  • Along with the streaming facility you also can download the movies and watch them later.

Terrarium TV

Another video streaming App, highly heeded for hosting movies, TV series. It has very neat contents classified in varied genres. Features, the app is induced with are –

  • Varied and excessive collection of movies around 4k.
  • You can bookmark the favorite movie of yours.
  • Offers multi language subtitles.

Popcorn Time

It can be considered as the best alternative for the subscription based videos streaming service like Netflix Where you are offered with great audio visual content for free. Its also provides with smooth viewing without ads on the screen. It comes with –

  • Elegant and intuitive interface
  • Direct downloaded content into the device.
  • Simple and clean resolution.

Movie HD

The production of this online app is of HD Cinema and Sky HD brand. It is one of the best apps in android to watch movies cost free. It provides facilities like

  • Devoid of Ad materials.
  • User friendly and easy to use set up add to extra benefit.
  • Filter for the movie is also available by rating.


This works almost same as YouTube app. You can have this with Mod YouTube App from where you may easily download movies and other preferred content directly into the device. It has features like –

  • Doesn’t contain ads, so you can enjoy videos uninterruptedly.
  • You can minimize the video to a small featuring box and can do other stuff on the device at the same time.
  • Does not require root access for the app to operate.


For a movie freak this app is a perfect use. Though it is not a streaming app by itself but with the help of this app you can enjoy large amount of movies by sorting the media files in Kodi. The gains are –

  • Numbers of apps can be installed in a single app.
  • Various customized options are available.
  • Can store high amount of movies.


This is a smart choice app for your device if you are fanatic of latest movies. It offers latest ones even within a day of new release and allow you to download them for a buffer free viewing. This app hosts all sorts of Hollywood, Bollywood and Tollywood movies and even the dubbed ones for your watch. It is one of the best applications, allows you to download videos and songs from some popular multimedia portals like YouTube, Tumbler, Vine, Viemo etc. The deals it provides are –

  • Multiple downloads can be accessed with inbuilt browser support system.
  • You can customize the movies with ratings.
  • Offers Indian cinemas and TV shows in a large number.
  • Displays less ads on screen.


If you need to watch free movie app for iOS, this app definitely includes in your good list where you are able to access unlimited movies without any subscription entirely free. The app has its availability for Android, Samsung TV, Amazon Kindle and on iOS.

  • It includes HD quality option for you to choose.
  • If you do not need to login you can watch the movies later by arranging the list.


With connecting this app, you can turn your iOS device a full entertained portable theatre. It displays new Hollywood movies, TV shows including comedy, romance, action, romcom, documentaries in its varied forms.

  • You do not need any monthly payment.
  • Updates regularly the latest shows.


among several leading movie Apps Viewster offers you direct entertainment of Anime shows.

  • Offers clean content without buffering for hours.
  • Provides HD quality movies.
  • Free and fast access to the content is worth a space for this app to the iOS devices.


Another name that pops in our mind when it comes to best movie streaming Apps, is SnagFilms. It is also enlisted with in the free applications that offers you no-charge entertainment with huge stock of content on your iOS device.

  • Various movies from world wide like Asian movies, Russian movies, Spanish movies are provided on a single platform.
  • You can add it to your watch list and watch movies later.
  • The app reminds you about your selection and plays from where you left.


One of the most popular downloaded apps for Android is JioCinema which has contributed a great deal in online streaming industry recently. The App offers –

  • Various content including Bollywood and Hollywood.
  • It allows you to download the movie directly for a better enjoyment of watch.

BeeMovie App

For new trending videos and movies it qualifies the list of best movie streaming apps. It has abundance of Bollywood, Hollywood, Tollywood, Kollywood and Dubbed movies for a display to its users. It ensures if consuming smaller storage in your device.

  • Promises with regular updated contents.
  • User friendly and it provides filter to sort and search movies.

OneBox HD

It is nearly a similar app displaying movies to stream on your Android model. This has an illegal association as it serves ultra latest contents of big production industries without any paid value.

  • New videos are added regularly.
  • Sort and search filter is available.
  • Having account is not required.
  • HD quality and greater resolution are offered.


Voot is India’s own brand and it is owned by Viacom 18. Over a zillion of people across the whole India visit Voot’s site and are happy by the service they provide. Voot basically hosts program from the channels of its own network as Colors TV, MTV, Cineplex etc. Voot also produces its own content which are served for the viewer’s free watch. A number of Indian films include in the list too. Voot can be considered as one of the best free TV series download sites.

  • Full entertained reality shows of MTV are hugely available.
  • User friendly base and simple access method come along.
  • Offers auto quality video.

Conclusion: Best Free Movie Apps

All these entertaining online apps, by every means, make the life quite easier for the netizens, but the authentication of the source needs to be taken seriously enough. Because many of the streaming apps inject malware programs which cause the harassment of functioning. So downloading from reliable source like Google Play Store and Amazon Store is preferably recommended


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