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Submit a guest blog post or Write for us at Technopo get high authority Dofollow Backlink and boost your search engine rankings.

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We accepts Guest Posts, articles, blogs, tutorials, and any trending topics. We’ll always appreciate people who wanna write interesting content to the readers. We know writing engaging content is not always easy! Some times it goes viral and at times fails to deliver. With Technopo, We would like to inform that we guest posts on Technology, Business, Tech News, Finance, Digital Marketing, SEO, Computers, Hardware, Apps / Reviews, Lifestyle, Fashion, Health, Travel and various categories topics to write for us.

What is Guest Post:-

A guest post simply means to publish an article or content on someone else website to take advantage of traffic and outbound links for ranking your website on google. Its a way of building effective link juice on your blog related to any anchor text. It plays a crucial role in SEO by building do-follow Backlinks for your website. Guest posts are the best way to highlight any targeted keyword in the form of anchor text. Google gives more priority in ranking if it found outbound links to your website in someone’s blog. It is the reason why people collaborate with websites by submitting guest posts in the form of content to take advantage of quick indexing by google robots.

Other Benefits of doing Guest post:-

  • You can capture leads from guest posts.
  • You can improve your domain authority.
  • You can develop the brand value of your business.
  • You can drive targeted traffic based on your niche.
  • You can build quality do-follow backlinks to increase domain ratings.

How does Guest post useful in SEO:-

  1. Easy ranking on Google

Guest post plays a crucial role in ranking your articles on Google. It is due to the outbound link of posting content on the high authority domain. The task of providing a guest post on someone’s website is the same as giving reference to Google for better ranking. It counts an extra link via Google crawlers and prioritizes your website link related to the anchor text.

  1. Improves Domain rating

Domain Rating also has a significant role in SEO for good ranking. The contents on the blog get priorities depending upon the Domain Authority. The more quality links you have for your website, the more chances gets created to improve the authority of your domain. Doing a guest post on a high domain authority blog is the best and most comfortable way to improve the ranking of your website.

  1. Add quality backlinks

Quality backlinks act as a significant factor to improve the chance of ranking in Google. Link juices from high authority blogs always have a different level of comparison concerning low-quality backlinks. Most of the bloggers create links on high domain authority blogs with the help of guest posts for building a network of quality links for their blog. They put the ANCHOR TEXT in the guest post and embed their website link inside it to get an easy website redirection from the source.

  1. Improve website bounce rate

It is also an essential parameter for SEO for ranking any website on Google. Guest posts can be a significant source to keep your audience engage with your blog and add some value to their interest. It drives the targeted audience to your website and improves the website bounce rate. This method is a decent way to improve additional subscriber count on your blog by organizing web funnels.

How to write an excellent guest post:-

The skill of creating a quality guest post depends on the information you provide on the article, including the link placement of your anchor text. A blogger must focus on the below steps for creating an elegant post before submitting it to someone’s website:-

Anchor text:-

Anchor text is the subject that is placed inside an article for highlighting the ranking keyword. It contains an HTML embedded link to your blog address that will redirect a user to your website in one click. It would be best if you focused not to do keyword stuffing with your anchor text; otherwise, it can be indexed as spam and affect the authority of your domain.

The HTML code to place anchor text to your blog goes here:-

<a href=””> Your anchor text </a>.

“Your anchor text” here indicates the keyword you want to rank on Google.

Methods of placing Anchor Text in a guest post:-

  • Branded:- You can place your brand name at the end or at the beginning of your content with an embedded HTML link to create a brand value.
  • Main Keyword:- It indicates placing the keyword in the HTML link as same as the outbound link for your website. You also can add a do-follow tag on the code to get a do-follow backlink for your website.
  • Secondary keywords:- The partial match method indicates placing secondary keywords on the content that have the redirection link to your blog.
  • Full URL:- This method is used for placing the full URL or link of the content. It doesn’t use any secondary or primary keyword to bring the audience.
  • White link:- It is a super clean way to bring the audience to your blog. In the white link method, a blogger uses words like link, that, here, etc. for redirection of the URL.

Guidelines for Guest Post Technopo

  • The written article must be in Good English, without any grammatical and punctuation errors. – we check Copyscape and Google before we publish!
  • We are looking for quality articles on Technology, Business, Tech News, Digital Marketing, SEO, Gadgets, Computers, Hardware, Many Making, etc.
  • In-depth content with detailed information will be recommended.
  • Should Use Descriptive Images in Article.
  • Document must be properly formatted (bold, bullet points, headings, etc.)
  • Short content is welcome if it suits audiences of all genres and the circumstances.
  • Article content must be original (100% unique) and never been published anywhere.
  • We will add more internal and high-authority external links – It will be look 100% natural

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